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You will receive a similar notice prior to your inspection either by mail or email.

Attention Tenants:

On (date) between 10am & 5pm your home will have its required yearly inspection by the City of East Lansing.  You do not need to be present, but may if you wish.  
Prior to this date Hagan Realty will inspect the house for possible repairs/violations.

For you to pass the inspection the following must be in order:

*storm windows and screens installed.  Broken windows/screens repaired.
*smoke detectors up with working batteries. When the batteries are low the detector will beep.
*house picked up and clean (including mold/mildew in showers & toilets - dust off bath fans).
*storage boxes and items in the basement organized
*trash in proper containers and litter picked up in the yard
*all light fixtures with working bulb and covers on (porcelain lights don't require covers).
*no tenant installed locks ($50 fine if you have your own lock & possible re-inspection fee).
*no extension cords or multi-plug outlets (surge protectors are okay).
*any additional refrigerators must be plugged directly into an outlet or removed.
*no flammable material or objects within a 3 foot radius of the hot water heater & furnace.
*cable/phone/ethernet/etc. wires can't be run across the floor and doorways.  Even if wires are
  taped, they are considered a trip hazard. Run them along the edge of rooms and above doors.
*no 3 prong to 2 prong electrical adapters. 
*all doors must be able to open to 90 degrees.
*remove portable shower heads or install anti-siphon devise.
*Other ________________________________________________________________________

Hagan Realty will not repair large item tenant caused damages such as broken doors, windows, large holes in the walls, etc. prior to the inspection unless we receive written permission from the tenants within 24 hours of receiving this notice.  If you fail the inspection due to tenant caused damages, Hagan Realty will then repair those items and you will be billed.

A re-inspection fee will be charged by the City and Hagan Realty if tenant controlled violations occur.

There will be no notice, beyond this letter, given to tenants before Hagan Realty inspects your property. 

All City inspections will be done during normal business hours. 

We do a large number of inspections each month, each requiring a pre-inspection, therefore we cannot predict the exact time we will come to your property.

Please contact Hagan Realty at (517)351-0765 if you have any questions.

(Click Here) for ways to prevent tenant related maintenance problems that may cause you to fail inspection.
Annual Inspection Letter
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