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Leasing for 2020-21 will begin:  TBD (usually takes place early October, contact us for details)

  • Do not camp out. There is no advantage gained for being first to arrive.
  • No properties will be rented until 
  • Drawings will be done for houses with multiple groups interested.
  • If your group is the only group interested in a particular property there will be no drawing.
  • Drawings will begin at TBD.
  • Please note; no online payments will be accepted on the first day of leasing - you may use check or money order
  • Properties will be announced one at a time starting with the first available property on the Available Housing list
  • Duplexes will be offered to groups renting both sides first, then to groups wanting one side.  Normal rules still apply for duplex groups wanting both sides; you must have your entire group and an amount equal to 1 months rent

Procedures for Drawings are as follows:

Each group will receive an index card upon arrival.

    Included on your index card should be:

        (on front)
                - Names and Phone numbers for all members of your group you plan on living with.
                - A designated Group Leader.

        (on back)
                - Your top 3 choices. 

You may enter more than 3 drawings if you do not win one of the first 3.
Once you win a drawing you will not be allowed to enter any other drawings.

Drawings will begin with the first property on our Available Housing List and we will go down the list. 
See below for how we determine which houses will have drawings.

You will use this card to enter each drawing. If you lose the drawing you will get your card back.

If you win a drawing you must be prepared to sign the lease immediately.
To sign you must have all members of your group as well as an amount equal to 1 months rent or $1500 whichever is greater. This applies even if there is no drawing as well.

Determining factors for houses that have multiple groups interested:

  • Need ALL members who will be signing the lease. (Ex. if a property is licensed for 4, you need 4 people).
  • Need amount equal to 1 month's rent or $1500 which ever is greater. NO CASH
  • Driver's license (I.D.) for all members on the lease.

Example 1: 3 Groups want the same property. 
    GROUP 1: has 3 out of 4 members of the group and has all the money.
    GROUP 2: has 4 out of 4 members of the group, but does not have all the money.
    GROUP 3: has 4 out of 4 members of the group and has all the money.

RESULT: GROUP 3 would get the property without a drawing being done.

Example 2: 3 Groups want the same property.  All parties have all members and all the money.

RESULT: A drawing will be done to determine who gets the property.

There will be a large number of people at our office the first day of leasing so we ask for your patience on this extremely busy day.  Extra staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.  Reviewing our procedures as well as the other lease information we have on our website will help reduce some of the stress associated with the leasing process.
We have made every attempt to ensure this process is as fair as possible by doing the drawings and as safe as possible by not making you camp out.  However, we cannot guarantee you will get the place you want.  By having several options you can increase your chances of getting one of your choices.  We rent several properties the first day, but there will be many great places to choose from in the days and weeks that follow. 

Thank you.
First Day of Leasing

With Hagan Realty there is no application fee or parental co-signer necessary.  At lease signing your entire group will need to be present and your group will need an amount equal to 1 months rent or $1500, whichever is greater.  
Please arrive 15-30 minutes early for additional instructions.  We look forward to seeing all of you in early October.
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