​To sign a lease, in most cases, you need an amount equal to one month’s rent or $1500.00 (whichever is greater) at the signing. Please no cash. It will be used for a good faith deposit, which goes toward a security deposit of an amount equal to 1 1/2 months’ rent. There is an additional cleaning fee. You will also need your driver’s license. Rent is paid 3 times per year. No application fee or co-signing required. No extra fees for washer/dryer or lawn mowing. Due to the city’s housing code, some attics, basement rooms, and some bedrooms, where the number of rooms can exceed the number of unrelated people a house is licensed for, may be closed off next year. Rents are based on legal occupancy levels and over occupancy is not allowed. HRI does not allow pets. To see a unit you may knock on the door at a reasonable time and request a walk through. Although the information below is thought to be correct, HRI will not be held accountable for any errors. HRI is the final judge on availability.

Every year in late September we post our entire list for the following year.  This list contains approximately 200 homes and apartments in the area.  Once properties have completed the lease signing process we remove them in order to provide prospective tenants with the most up to date list.  If you have a question about a specific property please feel free to contact us at (517)351-0765 or at info@hrirentals.com.
2018-19 Available Housing.
Houselist last updated: 2/26/2018
@ 2:00 p.m.
Abbreviations:      kit. = Kitchen      bsmt = Basement      d/w = Dishwasher       LR = Living room       DR = Dining room

The information on this page is updated daily and is intended to be the most accurate information available. However, due to high demand, units that appear to be available might not be if the website has not been updated yet. Hagan Realty is the final say on determining if a unit is available. Contact us @ (517)351-0765 to check the status of a particular property. Thanks

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2018-19 Property List
All properties are now available on a first come first serve basis. Please call the office to make an appointment. We will update the list regularly, but HRI will be the final judge of whether a property is available.​
We currently have no availability for the 2018-19 lease period.  Occasionally properties will be added so it's a good idea to check this page periodically if you are still looking.  Thank you for your interest.