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Calendar of Important Dates
Below you will find information related to important dates and events such as rent, moving, yard maintenance and more.  These dates apply to the majority of our properties so be sure to check your lease to confirm specific dates.  Please refer to your lease for our shoveling and raking policy with regards to holidays and breaks.

Rent Due Dates:  
August to August leases - August 1st, December 1st, March 1st. (or next business day)
May to May leases - May 1st, September 1st, January 1st.  (or next business day)

Leaf Raking:
All leaves must be raked to the curb so the City can remove them.  The specific date will be noted on your Fall letter and is based on the City's pick up date. Leaves will need to be raked multiple times before and after this date as leaves continue to fall and get blown around.  Click Here for more information.

Snow Shoveling:
The City of East Lansing has a very strict policy with regards to removing snow and ice from sidewalks. This policy has recently been updated.  Click Here for details and a copy of the latest ordinance.
It is important to note that violation of this ordinance does carry some fairly high fines. ​

See Lease Info for specific information related to your lease dates.
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Property Management
Click Here for help with some common maintenance issues before submitting a request
Please call our office before calling the emergency line.
After hours lock out fee is $30 - paid at time of service. 
(Not a 24 hour service)